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Theater of Luminous Paintings Inner Light 1

Paintings that can glow, vibrantly change colors, and transform from one amazing image into another one even more beautiful. These magical paintings exist, even if they would it just as well in the land of fairy tales.

Two decades ago, Latvian painter Vitaliy Yermolayev discovered a unique technique of combining innovative fluorescent paint with ancient painting methods. He created a new type of paintings where changing images broaden the realm of his artistic expression.

Under blacklight, the paintings glow and a slow change in illumination from blacklight to white light gradually transitions the image from its mundane form to something completely new. Each luminous painting created by Vitaliy Yermolayev hides its own secret treasure trove of glowing and sparkling light. The author calls it “Inner Light”.

These remarkable paintings required a new form of display, which led to creation of the Theater of Luminous Paintings. There the changing lightning, beautiful music and recorded narration immerse the audience into the paintings’ grand stories.

The artist’s most favorite symbol of happiness and hope is the bluebird. Among the limitless motifs and ideas presented on his canvas, a hidden magical bluebird can often be seen. Similarly to this mythological creature, the paintings gently touch the viewer’s soul and awaken happy emotions. The dominating idea of “inner light” paintings is to bridge the gap between our consciousness and subconsciousness, and to restore our connection to feelings of joy, hope and happiness.

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