Artist, the creator of inner light technique, founder of Theatre of Luminous Paintings

Vitaliy Yermolayev

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The work of Vitaly Yermolayev is based on the notion of
inexhaustible vitality as energy in all manifestations of life ( lat.vitalis
– living, vital). The presence of this energy is manifested through a special light,
the radiance that comes from his paintings.


Inner light

exhibitions 2024

Color in the rays of light


Jurmala is shining


Enter the world of my wonders


To harmony


Rayonism rebirth


The light is inside us


The theater of luminous paintings by Vitaly Yermolaev – 20


FEATURES of the artist's work

unique technique

the artist Vitaly Yermolayev called the art of INNER LIGHT, is a distinctive feature of his painting.


Vitaly Yermolaev developed a composition of colors, which he paints his paintings, and received a patent confirming his authorship. The name of the INNER LIGHT equipment is confirmed By the trademark

Overlay technique

The technique of superimposing on one another two of the paint layer that reacts to different lighting. The patented technology of paints allows them not to mix and not to interfere with each other.

INLINE with the subconscious

Vitaly Ermolaev’s paintings are filled with romantic associations. The artist in his works as it builds a bridge from consciousness to the subconscious.

Inner light

Theater of Luminous Paintings INNER LIGHT

Each picture is a window into other worlds, they want to look, discovering
new interesting details. Special impression produces the effect of  “surprise”
when changing the lighting from “mountain sun” to “inner light” INNER LIGHT. Canvas
completely changed: morning turns into evening and then turns into night.

Mr. Yermolayev is Member of the International Federation of Artists of Russia, Member of the “Unione Cattolica Artisti Italiani”,Member of the Union of Architects of Latvia, Expert of World Fund of Arts, Member of the Autors and Publicist Interntional Association.

Member of the Autors and Publicist Interntional Association. President of the Union of russian artists of Latvia (1997-2007) Founder of international school of luminious painting in Jurmala “INNER LIGHT”, where artists from different countries learn the new technologies of painting.

The artist has made more than 60 solo exhibitions in different cities around the world, in the museums of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Art Gallery Vaticano. His paintings are in the art collections in Europe, North and South America.
V.Yermolayev is the author of the project of the artist’s residence in Jurmala, where he lives, works and exhibits his paintings.

International Studio
Inner Light

MR. YERMOLAYEV created the international school of luminous painting INNER LIGHT in Jurmala, where people
come to master looking for the new technology of painting both as a professional artists and amateurs having only basic drawing skills, from different countries’.

Gift card

for a master class with artist Vitaly
Ermolaev on independent writing glowing
pictures are always unexpected and a pleasant surprise will be! 
The card is valid for a year during which you can paint a picture
of your dreams! The artist has secrets, so anyone will succeed
your little masterpiece!


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